Naptown Roller Girls–Slamming and Jamming Their Way to Victory







I don’t have a lick of athletic ability. I haven’t been on roller skates in over 20 years. As a matter of fact, the last time I “skated,” I had to fill out an incident report. Despite this, my heart aches to be a roller derby girl. Maybe it’s the appeal of being a badass, the colorful nicknames, or the fact that it is one sport where the focus is on the athleticism of women…not how they shake their pompons on the sidelines. The Naptown Roller Girls are the real deal. They have a dedicated following of colorful fans, offer an exciting alternative to the traditional sports of Indy, and even have the Mayor in their corner.














The Tornado Sirens celebrated the home-opener of their 9th season, in the newly renovated Indiana Farmers Coliseum, by dominating the Nashville Music City All Stars. The bout was introduced by Mayor Greg “Power Ballard,” to a crowd of over 3,100. While the whole team consists of rock stars, Cerry-Oto-Fire, Maiden America, and Wicked Baum-Chele were giving it all as lead jammers throughout the bout. At the end of the first half, Indy led 85 – 49. The lead only grew at the beginning of the second half, with the Sirens ending the bout with a score of 157 – 90. While the Warning Belles were not as successful against the Music City Brawl Stars, the proved to be just as tenacious and dedicated to their sport. The final score of the second bout had Nashville with a crushing win of 203 – 95.












Regardless of the numbers on the board, or the jerseys they wear, you can tell just how much these ladies love what they do. The sportsmanship and sense of community is something amazing to watch. Members of the opposing team and fans alike, circling the flat track for communal high-fives (before and after the bouts). Men in red and black kilts, and 6 year olds waving signs for their favorite players. Each team awards MVP awards to the opposing teams. A massive team of behind the scenes volunteers and players.  And despite the tripping, elbowing and blocking, the respect (and safety) of their fellow skaters is always evident…contrary to the hockey brawls that also find their home in the coliseum.














I dare you to find a more enjoyable, family-friendly event on wheels. Come out and support the Naptown Roller Girls at their next home bout, February 7th. For more information on the team, or the sport itself, visit

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