Fight to the Finish–Indy Fuel Fall to the Wheeling Nailers







This past Saturday I went to a fight, and a hockey game broke out.  I have seen my fair share of brawls.  I have a younger sister…I have been to a Vera Bradley outlet sale…and my fair share of hockey games.  At the drop of the first puck, Indy’s Johnny McGuire and Wheeling’s Chaz Johnson were throwing punches.  14 seconds later, and an all out brawl was taking place on the ice.  This behavior set the theme for the night.












Wheeling, with a strong sense of determination, scored their first three goals in the first period of the game.  In the second period, both Indy and Wheeling added a goal to the board, leaving the score at 4-1.












Taking a break from the melee, the second intermission brought “celebrity” contestant Mark Miles, President of IMS, against a local youth hockey player.  While Miles failed to sink his shot, the younger contestant sunk his shot to win a Fuel jersey…to the cheers of the crowd.












The final period saw the Fuel fight for 2 more goals, but failing to tie or move past the Nailers.  The final score in this 4th head-to-head match against  Wheeling, found the Fuel losing their fight 4-3.  This defeat places the Fuel in 5th place in the ECHL North Division, one point shy of playoff standings.  Perhaps the focus should have been on defending the goal, instead of the next punch thrown.  With over 100 minutes of penalty time between the two teams, it was definitely a match to behold (or be ashamed of).


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