Dominating performance by Anthony Sims Jr!

A little less than two years ago, Anthony Sims Jr. (light heavyweight) made his pro boxing debut in Indianapolis.  Since then he has faced opponents in a variety of cities with each ending in the same result – a victory for Sims Jr. and a record of 9-0 with eight knockouts.  Saturday night he was back home in Indianapolis at the Indiana State Fairgrounds Farm Bureau Building to fight William Johnson from Sardis, Mississippi.  Johnson came into the fight with an 11-45-2-4 record.  Not a great record, but a fighter with numerous bouts under his belt including a fight versus the current World Champion light heavyweight Sergey Kovalev. “A lot of body work” is what Sims Jr felt needed to happen going into the fight.  “I have to get this guy. I didn’t want it to go past a round because he is a veteran so the longer he is in there the more dangerous he is,” said Sims Jr..

The Sims Jr. – Johnson fight was the eighth of eleven fights on the CBA Promotions fight card.  Earlier in the evening Brandon Davis (0-3) fought a war against David Bernas (debut fight) and Davis came away with a win by majority for his first victory so you never know what might happen.  Also, there are times when someone is fighting an undefeated fighter and it causes the underdog to elevate their performance.  This was seen in the main event fight where Marteze Williamson (1-10) pushed Curtis Hill Jr. (5-0) in all six rounds.  It wasn’t enough as Hill Jr. won on an unanimous decision but Williamson gave it his all.  This was not the case in the Sims Jr. fight as he dominated from the opening bell putting Johnson to the mat three times with the final time occurring 2:26 into the first round resulting in the TKO.  After the fight Sims Jr. said, “I thought I could have did better.   There is no such thing as perfect. I could have attacked the body more not so much the head.”

What is next for Sims Jr.? “Set up the next fight – possibly April,” stated Sims Jr.. Do you want to continue to fight in Indy? Sims Jr. replied, “Yeah, fight in Indy and the midwest until I have to go to Vegas, California and New York.” Is a fight versus Curtis Hill Jr. a matchup in the future? Sims Jr. had this to say, “That’s what I am looking forward to. It would be a bad idea for him right now.  He is a good fighter but I am a different light heavyweight than he is.  We will fight when the money is right.”

In other fights Saturday night, the winners were Wesley Tucker (unanimous decision), David Buggs (winner by majority in his debut), Altair Tapia (TKO in his debut), Javar Jones (TKO in his debut), Agustin Cicero (unanimous decision) and Pablo Sanchez (TKO).  Two fights ended in a draw.

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