Anthony Sims Jr.’s Professional Boxing Debut

IMG_1987 (427x640)Last night, CBA Promotions held ten professional boxing bouts at McGowan Hall in downtown Indianapolis. On the fight card were some of the best boxers in the state of Indiana as well as surrounding states. The highly anticipated bout of the night featured Avon, Indiana native, Anthony Sims Jr., taking on Michigan native, James Guy. The noise level in the building was the highest all evening making it a crowd favorite. James came into the fight with a record of 1-1-0-0 with one no decision, while Anthony was making his pro debut. When Anthony entered the ring wearing a white robe with gold trim his family and friends let him know with a big ovation they were on his side.  The opening bell rang and Anthony came after James with everything he had in his arsenal.  He threw combinations and had James against the ropes on numerous occasions.  James was encouraging Anthony to bring it and he obliged with flurry after flurry.  James was taking all he was receiving and refused to go down.  The rounds ended with punches being thrown after the bell had rung causing the referee to separate them.  The fight went the distance (4 rounds) with Anthony winning on the unanimous decision.  Anthony throws an extremely hard punch and did not disappoint those in attendance as he threw them often.

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After the bout, I sat down with Anthony to ask him a few questions about his boxing career to date, his pro debut, and his future.

PQ: How did you get started in boxing?

ASJ: I used to do karate and would get disqualified for punching in the face, so I went to kickboxing, couldn’t do that, then my mom took me to boxing gym and bam and it all started right there.

PQ: What has your life been like growing up with boxing?

ASJ: No childhood what-so-ever! No playing. Played basketball in middle school, played football but besides that it has been strictly boxing, school, and extracurricular activities.

PQ: Your first pro fight was suppose to be this past November, but your opponent didn’t make weight.  What were your thoughts and emotions when that happened?

ASJ: I was so upset because as a professional athlete you wait 13 years as an amateur just to fight this one fight and it doesn’t happen.  So I am like wow I have to wait all over again.  As an elite athlete you have to stay focused, always have hope, and keep training.

PQ: Yesterday you sat there and sat there waiting for that weigh-in and that opponent to show up.

ASJ: Yesterday, it was like all my worst nightmares were about to come true.  This guy is not showing up again.  I wish Freddie Kruger would show up and I would fight him.  I was thinking we would have to pull some guy off the street and pay him a whole bunch of money to fight me.  All I could do at that moment was just pray.

PQ:  When that weigh-in finally did happen what was going through your mind?IMG_2199 (640x427)

ASJ: I was a pound over.  I was really nervous so I had to use the restroom.  I went to use the restroom and peed off like two pounds. Then we had this stare down and in my mind I always imagined it being like Rocky Balboa and Rambo looking at each other with explosions and fireworks and this guy has sunglasses on and I said what is going on.

PQ: When the bell rang at the start of the fight tonight?

ASJ: When the bell rang I didn’t hear it at first, it just kicked in late. In my mind this game it is kill or be killed, I have to go attack him and get him.

PQ:  How do you feel the first fight went for you?

ASJ: I don’t think it could have went any better.  If i would have knocked him out they could have said it was an accident but this guy can really fight so it showed that I am in shape, have good boxing skills, I’m strong, can take a punch, and anything you throw at me I can come back and get ya.

PQ:  Next fight? Where?

ASJ: May 29th in Ohio


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